An unattended death can be overwhelming and traumatic to those affected by it. Cleaning up the scene of the passing is likely the last thing on their minds, and it is necessary to call in the professionals in these circumstances. When you’re looking for the best unattended death cleanup Houston Texas can offer, look no further. We will be happy to assist you in cleaning up the area and moving forward in the healing process.

We follow the strict regulations of the federal and state governments regarding the cleanup of biohazardous situations. Unattended deaths involve the release of bodily fluids, especially in warm weather and warm climates. In these situations, bodies decompose very quickly. In order to avoid potential infection by blood borne pathogens, for example, it is vital that the area be handled very carefully.

Our technicians are trained to handle biohazardous materials, and they are certified in dealing with all types of biohazardous situations. They remove biohazardous materials that they cannot disinfect in a safe manner. This may include flooring, drywall, or carpeting. While the goal is to return the scene to its original state, this may not always be possible. Our technicians try to save as many items of sentimental value as possible from the scene for our clients.

Discreet work is paramount in our work. We are cognizant of the need to maintain confidentiality and privacy of our clients. As we work, we tread lightly and try to disturb the living and working space of our clients as little as possible. Compassion is one of our most important priorities in our work, and we want our clients to know that we appreciate the gravity of the situations in which they find themselves.

We typically arrive on the scene of an unattended death within an hour of being called. After assessing the situation, we get to work cleaning. Our work is usually complete within a few hours. You can rely on us to provide thorough and complete cleaning services. While we work quickly, we don’t sacrifice the quality of our work. The health and safety of many people depend on the quality of our work, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

When you need the best unattended death cleanup Houston Texas can provide, give us a call, and we’ll arrive ready to clean and support your journey to healing.

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