A flower girl is a must for every wedding. Having a well-dressed cute little girl leading the wedding procession strewing flower petals before the bride would look great. When you have a flower girl for your wedding, you need to select a good dress for her. Here is an etiquette guide you can keep in mind while selecting the dress for your flower girl.

Flower girl

The flower girl is usually a relative of the bride or someone known to them. It is a girl who is usually aged between three to eight years. The daughter or relative of the maid of honor can also be considered. A girl known to you would be always better.

Which dress to wear?

A flower girl needs to be well dressed as she would usually lead the procession strewing flower petals before the bride walks in. A good looking flower girl is an attraction of the wedding.

Usually, when you buy flower girl dresses you would try to make it match with that of the bride. It could be lace or a white flowing dress that looks just similar to the bride’s dress. In most cases, the flower girl’s dress would be white when you match it with the bride.

Another option is to match the flower girl’s dress with the bridesmaid’s dress or the dress of the bride of honor. Usually, these dresses would be of different color, so you can have a colorful dress for your flower girl.

You, of course, can go for a mismatch option and choose an entirely different style for the flower girl dress. Since it would be little tots, who would be wearing the dresses, a mismatch won’t look too odd.

Who pays?

Generally, whether it is the bridesmaid or the flower girls, they pay for their own dresses. In the case of the flower girl, it would be parents of the girl who has to pay. You, as the bride, can, of course, consider sponsoring the dress or you could even offer to split costs with the little girl’s parents.

Rehearse it

It would be advisable to have a dress rehearsal as the little kid may not be sure how she should conduct herself on the big day. Let her wear the dress once to be comfortable with it and make sure she knows her role on the wedding day.

If you feel the little one is not so confident, you can even have an older child hold the little one’s hand and lead her and assist her. She can even be carried by a parent if the kid is too young to follow instructions.

One more interesting option is to seat the flower girl in a small toy car that is decked with flowers. That would act as a show stealer.


You can follow the etiquette described for flower girl dresses to make sure your flower girl stands out at the wedding. Ensure you have a rehearsal so the little girl knows what she has to do.

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