Many people worry about how to get bail so we have outlined the processes of how you can get easy bail.

These steps will help you get a bail.

  1. To obtain bail, you will have to attend a bail hearing. There, the judge will give you a confirmation if you are eligible for bail or not.
  2. Your friends and family are allowed to attend your bail hearing and will be able to testify in your favor if the judge allows it. Help more family and friends attend your audience, so you can see that you have strong ties to the deep roots in your community.
  3. Statements made by community members, such as friends, family, church leaders and more, prove good character. Have each person carry a copy of their identification with a copy of their license, passport or permanent resident card.
  4. Letter Written By You: To help in your bail case, you must prepare a personalized letter. This letter works to prove your responsibility. This letter should contain a statement of your life goals and a little of your personal history.
  5. In the Case of Immigration: You must bring evidence of how much you have lived in the country. This may include but is not limited to only:
  • Tax Records
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Invoices of public services
  • Insurance Records
  • Scripture for your car and/or home
  • Rent receipts
  • Certificates of birth of your children

What Happens If I Get Bail?

You, a member of your family or a bail bond officer can pay the amount immediately.

Fill out a check/money order for the Department of Homeland Security. Any other name will not be accepted. You cannot have a payment plan, and you cannot offer anything other than a money order or check as a guarantee.

The bond can be paid at the detention center or the ICE office near you. When paying, be sure to have your ICE number and your full name handy. You can also contact Hugh Knotts Bail Bonds to help you access your bail.

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