Crime scenes require professionals who are skilled in cleaning them. Many times, they are biohazardous situations that require specialized knowledge and equipment. When local authorities need the best crime scene cleaning services Mesa Arizona has to offer, they call us.

With a reputation for providing superior cleaning, we are the number one crime scene cleaning company in the area. Compassion and respect for privacy are two of our top priorities in our work. Without them, our clients would not receive the best service we can provide.

When we are first called, we arrive within an hour in most cases. We then set to assessing the situation and determining a plan for cleaning. Using the latest in technology and cleaning materials, we will provide an efficient and excellent clean that will make the area safe for people to use again.

Blood borne pathogens can infect anyone who comes into contact with the blood, and we take our job of preventing infection very seriously. Each time we clean, we  are very thorough, disinfecting all surfaces and materials that could be contaminated.

If an item cannot be can’t be decontaminated, we discard it in accordance with applicable federal and state laws around biohazard cleaning.

These regulations govern how we do each job, and they protect us, our clients, and the general public. We follow them strictly. While we work quickly, we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. We generally are done cleaning in a few hours, and we work with as light of a footprint as possible.

We are conscious of working in our clients’ living and work spaces, and we are careful to work as discreetly as possible. The well-being of our clients is of great importance to us, and we want each client to feel that they are supported and cared for through our act of cleaning up the crime scene.

We don’t talk about payment until the job is complete because people come first in our business. In most cases, insurance companies will pay for the work done, so our clients can relax a bit more. They are already in a tough enough situation.

We partner with local authorities, apartment communities, emergency services personnel, victim services groups, and other organizations to provide complete cleaning services, no matter the type of crime that has been committed. We have successfully cleaned homicide, suicide, traumatic death, and other types of incidents where blood spill was likely to have occurred. Additionally, we handle unattended death cleanups.

Call us for the best crime scene cleaning services Mesa Arizona can provide.

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